Enterprise Zone


An Enterprise Zone is a statewide program where commercial and industrial businesses in certain areas of the county can receive a three to five year property tax exemption on new or remodeled property, business personal property and/or machinery and equipment.

Some of the requirements to receive this exemption are:

  • 10% increase in employment within the zones
  • New employment must be maintained through the life of the tax exemption period
  • Qualification of property value must meet certain value thresholds.
The zone sponsor should be your first contact regarding an inquiry about establishing a property tax exemption. The Assessor’s Office role in the authorization and exemption of property comes later in the process. All Enterprise Zones in Jackson County have SOREDI as the zone sponsor. SOREDI can be contacted through the information below.


100 E. Main Street, Suite A
Medford, OR 97501

Additional information can also be found at: