Residential Plan Requirements

BUILDING SECTION10 S. Oakdale, Room 100, Medford, OR

PURPOSEThree complete sets of plans of your proposed residential construction project are required for the Building Section's plan check process. As well as communicating your construction project to the Building section and your contractor, a detailed set of plans helps you in your own planning, whether it be aesthetic of financial. In addition, a complete set of plans will help to identify and correct problems on paper, before construction begins, thus avoiding costly mistakes or changes during the construction process.
A complete set of working drawings will aid the Plans Examiner in assessing the structural integrity of your project so that your building is safe and comfortable. In addition, a Fire and Life Safety plan check is done to help assure that occupants have adequate exits, fire detection devices, etc., in case of a fire or other emergency.

In general, a complete, accurate set of drawings will help to speed up the plan check process and make any construction project less complex and frustrating.

PROCESSPlans submitted to the Building Section for review are received by the Building Tech at the front counter and quickly checked for completeness. Staff will complete a computer application asking you specific questions, such as your contractor, square footage of construction and value of construction. Your contractor must be licensed and bonded by the State Construction Contractors Board. PLAN CHECK FEE MUST BE PAID WHEN SUBMITTING PLANS.
Your plans will be reviewed by our Zoning Section. They are checked for conformance with ordinances including setback from property lines, legal access and lot size, permitted development for the area, etc.

If your property is located inside the city limits of Shady Cove, Gold Hill, or Butte Falls, you will need to take the three (3) sets of construction drawings and your plot plan to the city jurisdiction for their review. They will need to stamp each page of all three sets of plans and approve your plot plan. Plans, plot plan, and the city’s approval application will need to be submitted to this office for our review.

Finally, the Building Section checks the plans for compliance with the State of Oregon Structural and Fire and Life Safety Code.
PLOT PLANplotplanScale: Not required to be drawn to scale, however, 1" = 20 " scale or larger is recommended. Provide property dimensions and north arrow.
Locate existing structures and proposed new structures or additions, septic tank, drainfield, well or water line, with distances to each other and to property line.
Show access to county road.
Where building site is not readily visible from the main road, provide a vicinity map showing the main road leading to the property with landmarks.
Plot plans and vicinity maps usually fit well on 8 1/2 " x 11" paper, but may be provided on any size paper.
ELEVATIONSelevationsSCALE: 1/8" = 1' or larger
Label front-rear, north-south, etc.
Show at least two sides of building with exterior material noted.
Provide finished floor elevation if site is higher than 2200 ft. or site is in a floodplain.
FOUNDATION PLANfoundationScale: 1/8 " x 1' Layout of foundation walls, with dimension.
Size and location of footings, stem walls, pier pads, air vents, underfloor access, etc.
Size, direction and spacing of floor joist and/ or beams.
FLOOR PLANfloorplanScale: 1/8 "= 1' or larger
Show each floor.
State square footage of residence, garage, decks covered & decks not covered.
Location of plumbing fixtures, appliances, fireplace, type and location of heating system.
Window size and type, floor size and type, door size and type, direction of door swing.
If your plans are for an addition or renovation, show schematic floor plan of the entire house to scale. Dimensions and details are needed only where new work is to be done.
Scale: 1/4 " =1' or larger
All floor, wall and roof framing with size and spacing of members. Height of crawl spaces, floor and ceiling and pitch of roof.
Footings, foundation and finish grade.
Roof and exterior wall materials including insulation and sheathing. Indicate material used.
Clearly show transfer of bearing loads to foundation system.
DETAILSClearly show sizes, materials, connections and construction of the following, if applicable: Roof hips and valleys, decks, stairways, etc. Roof truss drawing stamped by Oregon registered Engineer. Masonry fireplaces and chimneys. List square footage of each floor (basement, 1st, 2nd), garage decks, porches individually. List your energy path.
NOTE: Computations, stress diagrams and other data sufficient to show the adequacy of the structure may be required by the Building Section. Also, depending on particular lot conditions, and engineered foundation, soil report and/or drainage plan may be required.

PLANSThree copies of your proposed building plans are required for issuance of a building permit. One set of approved plans will be returned to you with minor corrections marked in red pen. This set must remain on the job site at all times for reference by the Building Inspectors. Another set will also be marked and placed in our files for reference during construction. Plans submitted with too many errors or inconsistencies will be returned to you for correction.
Plans submitted for review are best drawn on standard size drafting paper. Smaller projects may be submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 size sheets.