Preparing for a Flood

Flooding can happen suddenly with little or no warning. You can take steps before and during a flood to protect your home, your loved ones and your animals.stacking sandbags illustration
If a flood event is likely to happen sandbags can be used to redirect floodwaters away from your home temporarily. The image to the right provides a guide for building a reliable sand bag barrier. Sandbags are available locally through a number of retailers. 

Develop an evacuation plan. If a flood is coming how will you leave? What will you take? Are you ready to leave at a moment’s notice? If you have farm animals what steps will you take for them?

Keep an emergency kit stocked with enough food and water to last at minimum 3 days per person living in your household. If possible ensure your emergency kit has enough food for longer. Make sure that the food you have in your emergency kit is something you will be comfortable eating; emergencies are not the time to try new foods.

If your home has been flooded shut off all utilities. This will minimize chance of injury from failed/water damaged utilities for you. 

Remember, do not attempt to cross moving water. 2 feet of water can float a car, and 6 inches of moving water can knock a person down. 

Jackson County Emergency Management webpage provides more detail on preparing an emergency kit, evacuation plans, emergency shelters, animal preparedness, and a wealth of additional emergency preparation information.