Know Your Zone

We are excited to announce that Jackson County and Cities contracted with Genasys Protect to develop community-level alert and warning zones to assist residents and businesses in preparing for emergencies or evacuations before an event occurs.

Find your zone by searching your address
know your zone map

Genasys Protect

Genasys Protect works by developing Zones throughout the County, with each zone having a corresponding number on the map. During an emergency, an impacted Zone number will be announced along with emergency information relevant to those within that Zone. Be prepared for the next disaster by KNOWING YOUR ZONE

How You Can Get Ready, Get Set, and GO!
A disaster can strike without notice, and evacuations may be issued at any time. You may have hours or only minutes. Take these necessary steps now to prepare yourself and your property.
  1. Know Your Alerts- Sign up for Citizen Alert
  2. Know Your Zone–Visit or  Genasys Protect to find your zone.
  3. Be Ready - Make a kit, have a plan, and practice it. Visit 
    1. Download and print the Emergency Supply Checklist --Use it and keep it where you will find it easily.
  4. Stay Together- Please take only ONE vehicle in an evacuation, whenever possible, to minimize gridlock. Prepare this vehicle for evacuation by keeping the gas tank full and parking it facing the street for a quicker departure.

For more information from your City: