ACH Direct Deposit

All vendors are strongly encouraged to sign up for ACH direct deposit, though it is optional.

Benefits of ACH Direct Deposit
  • Payments will be received sooner - eliminates mailing time.
  • Increased security - eliminates risk of stolen checks.
  • Saves time and money - since money is directly deposited into your account, it eliminates preparing deposits and trips to the bank.
  • Environmentally friendly - payment remittance advices containing details of deposit date, invoice number, invoice date, remark and invoice amount are emailed rather than printed and mailed. An example of the email and remittance is provided to the right.
What is Required
  • Valid United States bank account
  • Email address, if you want to receive a payment remittance
How to Sign UpSigning up for direct deposit is easy. Contact the Accounting Office to request the direct deposit authorization form be mailed to you.

Contact InformationJackson County Finance Dept.
10 S. Oakdale Ave. Room #314
Medford, OR 97501

Phone: 541-774-6542
Fax: 541-774-6740
Email Us
Can the remittance be sent to multiple email addresses?
No, we are only able to email the remittance to one email address.
What if I receive payment, but no remittance by email?
Contact the Accounts Payable Office. Payment details will be sent again
How often are ACH payments made?
ACH payments are made weekly, on the same schedule as paper check payments. Invoices are paid based on vendor payment terms.
How quickly will a payment be deposited into my account?
Payments are deposited two business days after the date of issuance, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.
What if there is a discrepancy in the amount we requested and the amount we received?
Please contact the County department responsible for the purchase.
How can I change my banking information?
Submit another ACH Direct Deposit Authorization form with the updated information. It is important that you do not close the account that is linked to your direct deposits until the new account has been established and payments are being credited to your new account.
What if my name or Tax ID # changes (or both)?
How does this effect my direct deposit? Who should be notified? If your name or Tax ID # changes (or both), you must submit an updated W-9 and a new ACH Direct Deposit Authorization Form to the Accounts Payable Office.