ePayables MasterCard Payment Program
Jackson County has partnered with Bank of America to offer a credit card payment program, called ePayables, to its vendors. Jackson County will issue a unique credit card number to each vendor. The card has a zero balance until payments have been authorized.

This is Jackson County's preferred method of payment.

Benefits of ePayables

  • Improved financial controls - checks can be lost or stolen
  • Prompt settlement - receive funds faster than with paper checks or ACH Direct Deposit
  • Reduced document handling costs
  • Detailed remittance information via email - including a list of invoices paid.
  • Environmentally friendly - reduces paper.
ePayables - How to Sign UpSigning up for ePayables is easy! Simply print and return the ePayables Enrollment Form in the Documents link of the left navigation panel.

To learn how the ePayables program works, see "How ePayables Works" in the Documents link of the left navigation panel.
Are there any fees associated with this payment method?
Payments are processed as credit transactions so your standard merchant fees will apply. There are no fees imposed by Jackson County.
Is it safe to keep the card number on file?
The card number is safe to keep on file as there is no available balance on the card until an invoice is approved for payment. Once approved, the card will be funded for the exact amount due and you will receive a remittance, via an electronic confirmation indicating that the card is ready to be charged. This technology makes keeping a card on file completely safe.
Our company policy does not allow us to keep a credit card number on file.
Would your company allow you to maintain only the first 12 numbers of the card on file? For security reasons, the remittance advice, which authorizes payment, only identifies the last four digits of the card; upon receipt of the remittance you would then have the complete card information in order to process the transaction.
How will I receive the card account number, expiration and the 3-digit CVV value on the back of the card?
When  you sign up, Jackson County will call you with this information so you may keep it on file.
We have several people who process payments, can you email more than one person?
The payment advice can be sent to more than one person if you wish. Some vendors also establish a general email that will forward the remittance to several people within their organization.
Will I receive payment for all of our company locations?
If you currently receive one check for multiple locations, you will maintain one card number on file. If a separate check is sent to each remit-to address, a unique card will be assigned for each location.