Below are frequently asked questions about property taxation.
When will I receive my property tax statement?
Property tax statements will be mailed no later than October 25th of each year.  If you have not received your statement by November 1st, please call 541-774-6541.
What are my options for making my tax payment?
Please note that by law, property tax payments must be credited to the earliest year for which taxes are due.

You can pay your Jackson County property taxes using the following options:

    * Online
    * Over the phone 1-866-518-2306
    * Online with your bank (using bill pay)  This is usually free!
    * By mail 
    * In-Person.  We are open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; 10 S Oakdale Avenue, Medford, OR.  First floor of the Annex.

The Walk-up Window is open November 1 - 15th each year.
What are the payment discount schedules?
There are three payment discounts schedules available:

1) Pay in full by November 15th - qualifies you for a 3% discount.
2) Pay 2/3 by November 15th - qualifies you for a 2% discount, final 1/3 that will be due May 15.
3) Pay 1/3 by November 15th - no discount applies. Second 1/3 will be due by February 15, and the final 1/3 will be due by May 15.

Due dates falling on the weekend or holidays, will be rolled to the following business day.
How can I pay online or by phone?
Online payments accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and electronic checks.

Telephone payments accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Credit card payments are processed through a third-party payment service provider, which charges a service fee (shown below). Jackson County does not collect or retain any portion of the service fee assigned.


Credit Cards, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa: 2.4% of the payment ($2.00 minimum)
Electronic Check: Fees start at $2.00.

Before making an online or over-the-phone payment, you will need the following information available:

1) Property Tax Account Number - this can be located on the upper right of your statement. If you are paying multiple tax accounts, enter a separate payment for each account for the payments to be posted accurately. If you do not have your tax statement, you can find your account information using Property Search Online.https://apps.jacksoncountyor.gov/PSO/ 

2) For debit or credit card payments, you will need the card number, expiration date, and CVN (3-digit code on the back of your credit card).

3) For payments by e-check, you will need your bank's routing transit number and account number for payments by e-check. This information can be found at the bottom of your check.

You can make a payment online by credit card or e-check.
Make a payment over the telephone by calling 1-866-493-1572. Have your account number handy.
Can I pay online through my bank?

Most banks and credit unions provide online bill pay services for customers at no charge. The Jackson County Tax Collector is registered to receive online bill payments electronically and should be listed as a payee on your financial institution's online bill pay website.

Your property tax statement has both the account number and the amount due. If you are paying multiple tax accounts, enter a separate payment for each account using the property tax account as the bill pay account in order for your payments to be posted accurately.

When paying online through your financial institution, schedule your payment early enough for the county to receive your payment by the due date. Scheduling requirements are specified in the rules and regulations on each financial institution's website (typically two to three business days prior to the due date). If Jackson County does not receive your payment by the due date, discounts cannot be allowed and interest will be charged.

Where can I mail my payment?
When paying by mail, please make your check or money order payable to Jackson County Tax Collector. Please do not send cash through the mail. Write your account number(s) on the front of your check or money order to ensure proper credit.

Make checks out to 'JACKSON COUNTY TAXATION'

Mail your tax payments to:

Jackson County Taxation
PO Box 1569
Medford, OR 97501

Be sure to mail your payment early enough to be postmarked on or before the due date.

With the consolidation of Post Office locations and closing of Post Office Sorting Facilities – please be aware that mail deposited at some local postal facilities can take 2-3 DAYS to be postmarked. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for postmark delays. We strongly recommend any payments sent on the 14th or 15th  be mailed at the Post Office counter with a hand stamped postmark to avoid any postmark delays from a drop box or mail sorting facility. If payments are postmarked after the due date, discounts cannot be allowed and interest will be charged.
Can I pay in person?
Our office is open October 24th – November 15th 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Monday – Friday.  We are Closed November 11th in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Other payment options:

Call 1-866-518-2306 (Have your account number handy).

Online Bill Payment through your bank.

Online at www.jacksoncountyor.gov/tax

Drop Box - OPEN 24/7 NO CASH PLEASE.  Taxation Office, W. 8th Street between Laurel St. and Mistletoe St, and 302 E Main Street.

The Express Walk-up Window is open in November only.  It is located next to the Courthouse Annex parking lot on Laurel Street between Main Street and 8th Street during office hours.

Payments are credited to your account the same day.

Credit card payments are processed through a third party payment service provider, who charges a service fee (shown below). Jackson County does not collect or retain any portion of the service fee charged.



Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard): $3.95
Credit Cards: 2.5% of payment ($2.00 minimum)
American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa Credit Card: 2.5% of payment ($2.00 minimum)
Will interest be charged if my payment is late?
Interest is charged on any past due amounts. By Oregon law (ORS 311.505), the interest rate is 1.3333% per month or fraction of a month until paid.
When are taxes considered delinquent?
All personal property and real property machinery and equipment tax is delinquent when any installment is not paid when due. The  taxpayer may be served with a warrant 30 days after delinquency. Property can be seized and other financial assets can be garnished.

Real property tax is delinquent if not paid by May 15. Foreclosure proceedings on real property begin when taxes have been delinquent for three years.
When is an account subject to foreclosure?
Real property tax accounts with an unpaid balance for any tax year marked with an asterisk (*) on the front of the property tax statement will be subject to foreclosure if not paid on or before May 15.

See Foreclosure Process for more information on foreclosures.
Is there a fee for returned checks?
If your check is returned unpaid from your bank for any reason, a processing fee will be added to your account. If the total amount due plus the fee is not received by the due date no discount will be allowed and interest will accrue on any past due portion. The processing fees are approved by the Board and currently range from $32 plus $5, depending on the number of accounts and tax years involved.
Do you accept two-party checks?
Two-party checks will be returned to you and not credited to your account. If the return of such checks cause the eventual payment to be made after the due date, no discount will be allowed and interest will accrue on any past due portion.
Do you accept post-dated checks?
Please do not send post-dated checks. All checks are processed the same day received regardless of the date on the check.
Why is my tax statement yellow?

If your statement is yellow, a mortgage company or Department of Revenue (Senior or Disabled Program) has requested tax information to pay your tax bill. If you have any questions regarding who is paying your property tax, contact your mortgage company or the Oregon Department of Revenue if on the deferral program. 

If you question whether your lender is going to pay or not, please call your lender.  The information we have is sent to us by the lender in September of each year and your situation may have changed from September until the tax statement was mailed

Paid off your mortgage, refinanced, or brand new loan?
Every year in September we ask the mortgage companies what taxes they anticipate paying in November. This is how the mortgage information shows up on your tax bill every year. If you have paid off your mortgage, refinanced, or have a brand new loan since July 1st it is possible that the lender information may be incorrect. It is the property owner's responsibility to know who will be paying . Generally, if you receive a yellow bill from the County this indicates a lender has requested your information. If you receive a green bill, no lender requested your information from us in September.  Contact your lender if you aren't sure they are paying.
How can I update my mailing address?
Change of mailing address must be submitted by the property owner in writing. Change of address form in person, by mail, fax 541-774-6738, or email to taxation@jacksoncountyor.gov. You can also check the box on your tax payment coupon and provide your new address on the back.