Rehoming Pets

pets-rehomeWhat you can do to rehome your pet before bringing it to the Jackson County Animal Shelter.By exploring these options first, you can help the Jackson County Animal Shelter dedicate more resources to stray and abandoned animals that are truly in need of our assistance.

Southern Oregon Humane Society (cats and dogs)
2910 Table Rock Road, Medford (541) 779-3215

Craigslist - Post ad in Community/Pets category, small rehoming fee OK

Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Local Rescue Organizations

C.A.T.S. (Committed Alliance To Strays)
104 N. Ross Lane, Medford (541) 779-2916
*C.A.T.S. accepts only strays and abandoned cats that can be safely handled*

Please get your pet fixed!
Call SNYP at 541-858-3325 for low cost spay and neuter options.

spay-neuterIf you must surrender your pet to the Shelter, it will be evaluated for adoption. Animals that make it into adoption will be well cared for until a new home is found. However, it is important to know animals determined to be unsuitable for adoption will be humanely euthanized, and we cannot promise any animal will become or remain adoptable. If you wish to surrender your pet to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, please call (541) 774-6654 first.