Open Burn Alternatives

wood-scrapsOne challenge in preventing open burning is providing cost effective alternatives to burning. Even though a lot of people take pride in helping keep our air clean, still many people will continue to burn if the alternatives are too expensive and/or time consuming. Here are some air friendly alternatives to open burning.
Biomass One - Located on Avenue G in White City, Biomass has a variety of wood waste recycling programs from home pick-up to a drop-off center.  Visit their website or call 826-9422 for more information.
Rogue Disposal - Call 779-4161 for more information about their yard debris, leaf recycling and composting programs.
Ashland Sanitary and Recycling - In addition to complete garbage and recycling service, they also have yard debris chipping and leaf disposal services.  Visit their website or call 482-1471.
Jackson County Leaf Exchange Program – Connects people who are trying to get rid of leaves with people who want leaves.  Call 774-8207 to be put on the recipient/donor list or to be connected with someone to exchange leaves.
Hilton Fuel – Located in Central Point, Hilton fuel will accept clean wood only.  Call 664-3374 for more information