Forensic Programs


Aid & AssistWhen, after an evaluation, the court determines an individual cannot aid and assist in their own defense against criminal charges as a result of their mental illness, the criminal case is put on hold, and the judge will order restoration services either in the community or at the Oregon State Hospital. Restoration may include legal skills training, mental health treatment, coordination of care, or other strategies toward participation in the legal process.

Jackson County Mental Health monitors and provides exceptional needs care coordination for all Aid & Assist cases ordered by the Jackson County Circuit Court.

Disability Rights Oregon Handbook for Aid and Assist

Oregon Health Authority Aid & Assist Information

Psychiatric Security Review BoardJackson County Mental Health (JCMH) works with individuals living in the community who are on conditional release agreements under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB). JCMH assures PSRB referred individuals are engaged in services consistent with their release agreements, coordinate regular communication with the PSRB, and assist with transitions of placement, care and jurisdiction.

Wellness CourtJackson County Mental Health is a multi-disciplinary team partner in Jackson County’s Wellness Court. Administered by the Circuit Court, Wellness Court is one of Jackson County’s Treatment Courts. A part of the restorative justice movement, Wellness Court (formerly Mental Health Court) offers alternative legal solutions, oftentimes prison diversion, for adults facing criminal charges that occurred due to an unmanaged severe mental illness. Wellness Court connects willing participants to treatment providers, helps remove barriers to stability and holds the person accountable for their behaviors.

Jackson County Treatment Courts

Collaboration with Jackson County Community JusticeJackson County Mental Health works closely with Jackson County Community Justice, bringing mental health providers to adults on parole or probation at Community Justice and the Transition Center. The mental health providers work with individuals with a person-centered approach towards mental health recovery goals, providing mental health assessment and treatment and assistance navigating systems and getting connection to services.