Property Data Online

Launch-PDOProperty Data Online
(PDO) provides access to a rich set of information about real property, including:

  • Maps and aerial photos
  • Assessed values & improvements
  • Ownership, sales history
  • Tax payment information and history
  • Building and land use permit history
  • Zoning

PDO Users' Guide

If you don't need maps, or have a slow connection, try the text-only version:
Property Data Express

Clerk Digital Research Room provides access to recorded documents, including:

  • Property deeds
  • Easements
  • Mortgages, reconveyances, liens, releases
  • Affidavits, mining claims, and power-of-attorney
Ownership deeds are free of charge to view; all other types may be downloaded after purchase.

Survey Index Map provides access to land surveys of record.
Jackson Interactive Mapping (JIM) is a suite of online interactive maps that provide ad-hoc mapping of a wide variety of Jackson County GIS data.
See Tax Payments for information on how to pay your property taxes online.

If you have questions: