Tub Springs Day Use

Water once again flows at the historic tubs at Tub Springs State Wayside, but now as a feature and not a source of drinking water.

Water to the historic drinking water tub was shut off in January 2023 due to water quality concerns. The Oregon Health Authority ordered the tubs closed to the public due to high turbidity.

After its analysis, Oregon Health Authority changed the water’s classification from groundwater to surface water, which means it’s not fit for drinking water without additional analysis and treatment.

Changes in water quality at the springs were not a result of operations and maintenance, but rather appear to be due to unknown causes. To resume potable water service would have required treating the water, possibly including, but not limited to enhanced filtration and chlorination.

To maintain visitor safety, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department modified the water feature so it continues to flow but not as a drinking source.

Jackson County currently maintains the wayside through an intergovernmental agreement with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

In 1846, a wagon train led by Jesse Applegate traversed southern Oregon along what became known as the Applegate Trail. Tub Springs Wayside is one of the stopping points before you head down the mountain pass into Ashland. Take a moment to stop here amid the towering fir and sense what it was like 150 years ago. Breathe in the fresh mountain air. There’s an interpretive panel at the wayside describing the difficulties faced by these pioneers. The name Tub Springs is derived from the tubs that were installed in the 1930s to provide spring water for travelers.

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Open Year Round (daylight hours)

3848 Feet

12748 Green Springs Hwy, Ashland OR 97520

About 20 miles southeast of Ashland.