Camp Hosts

CampHosts1Camp Host InformationOrganized in the late 1990's, the Jackson County Parks Camp Host program provides valuable assistance in maintaining and operating our park facilities. Annually, hosts contribute thousands of hours of service in a network of over 20 parks in the Rogue Valley. Since its beginning, the program has become extremely popular and participation has grown exponentially.

Application and Placement Process

  1. Prospective hosts will complete an application.
  2. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to further discuss your interests, skill sets, availability, and position openings.
  3. Applications will be discussed with the on-site Park Ranger or Supervisor. They will review applications and may conduct an in-person interview with candidate(s) whose skill sets and interests best meet site needs. The references provided may be checked.
  4. If approved, the Volunteer Coordinator will notify the individual or couple with a conditional offer for a position and provide forms for a criminal background check. Placement is contingent on successfully passing the background check. Results take up to two weeks to be returned.
  5. When the screening is completed, the Volunteer Coordinator reviews the report, and a final placement decision is made.
  6. After notification of a successful background check screening, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact applicant(s) to extend the formal offer to camp host. Arrangements for arriving on-site will be made between site staff and camp host(s).
  7. Final paperwork including safety modules will be completed in the Parks Office prior to arrival in the park when possible. If not possible, other arrangements will need to be made in advance. No work can start prior to all paperwork being signed.
  8. When you arrive on site for your assignment, further orientation and training will occur. 
Timeline for Applications and Placement

It can take up to a month to complete the placement process, depending on response time from applicant(s), park staff, and background check clearance. Completion of an application does not guarantee placement. Although staff may place hosts year-round as positions come open, the heaviest placement period is throughout the winter season.

Specific sites will be scheduled in advance, but may change prior to arrival based on the need of the park. Site requests cannot be guaranteed.
When you apply, remember to select those parks that are the best fit for your geographic preference, skills, RV size, cell service needs, interests and abilities. Please supply all the information requested on the application.

Contact Us!

For more information on becoming a Camp Host, contact the Parks Office at (541) 774-8183 or email at We look forward to hearing from you!
What does a camp host do?
Camp Hosts perform a variety of duties including, but not limited to, greeting visitors, collecting fees, caring for facilities and grounds, monitoring campground activities, and minor maintenance. Since no two parks are the same, duties may vary based on the location, size, or needs of the park.
What is required?
Camp Host volunteers are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have their own RV or camping unit; lodging cannot be provided.
  • Have an acceptable driving record as defined in County policy, and a DMV Certified Court Print of your driving history if the position requires driving.
  • Enjoy working with the public, have the desire to accept new challenges, and possess the willingness to learn about the County Park system.
In addition:

  • Each individual that will be staying at the host site, regardless if they will be performing host duties must be at least18 and are required to pass a background check.
  • No more than 3 people may reside in a site.
  • Follow Jackson County Policies and Code of Conduct.
  • Follow all local, county, and state ordinances and laws.
What is the time commitment?
Most Host positions require a commitment of 1 to 3 months. After initial hosting assignment, time may be extended at the park manager’s discretion. Host assignments are temporary and not meant to provide semi-permanent homes for individuals in county park campgrounds or create an expectation of future hosting assignments.

We ask volunteers to serve a minimum of 20 hours per week, per person, and maintain 24-hour availability for the days they are scheduled. In exchange for those services, hosts are provided with a campsite during their stay. Schedules—including number of hours per day, days per week and length of stay—will vary based on park need or personal preference. Hosts typically work 5 days on, including weekends and holidays, with 2 consecutive days off. Specific host assignment schedule requirements will be finalized once you arrive at the park.
What are the benefits of being a camp host?
Jackson County Parks provides volunteers with:

  • RV site; full hook-ups when available.
  • Many parks have full hookups and are equipped with restrooms and showers.
  • For those who prefer a more rustic setting, there are parks with minimal hookups or commercial amenities.
  • A great opportunity to meet fellow travelers.
  • An opportunity to take in all that beautiful Southern Oregon has to offer: great fishing on beautiful mountain lakes and the wild and scenic Rogue River, the Britt Music Festival in Jacksonville, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.