Special Event Permit

special_eventSpecial Event Permit ApplicationThank you for your interest in holding a special event in one of our Jackson County Parks. For the safety of our visitors and protection of our recreation resources, Jackson County requires a Special Event Permit to be completed for any non-typical uses at our park facilities. Such uses may include; large and/or mass gatherings, commercially sponsored events, races (both land and water), fishing tournaments, movie filming, exhibitions, and any event that does not constitute normal public use of parks for recreational purposes. Jackson County Parks encourages individuals to contact our office at (541) 774-8183 if you think your use may qualify as a Special Event, to prevent delays in your planning.

The Special Event Permit Application should be completed with as much information as possible and returned to the Parks Office during your initial planning stage. Depending on the permit request, Jackson County Parks may require additional information such as insurance requirements and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) permits.