Jackson County Bike Map

The Jackson County Bike Map is now available for purchase at most local bike shops, at the Jackson County Roads Office at 200 Antelope Road in White City and also at the Payment Center in the County Courthouse at 10 South Oakdale in Medford.

The map depicts information pertinent to choosing a road route by bicycle, including traffic volumes, paved bike lane/shoulders, and hills. The latest version includes up-to-date information and has been redesigned to include more detail for areas frequently traveled by bicycle, including a separate map for the Bear Creek Greenway. Safe riding tips offering suggestions and explaining some of the laws pertaining to cyclists are also included. 

The updated map is printed on water and tear-resistant paper and will sell for $5 at County offices. Local bike shops are allowed to determine their price, but will likely sell the maps for approximately $5-6 each.

For more information, please contact Andrew Austill, Special Projects Manager, Jackson County, at 541.774.8183 or AustilAR@jacksoncountyor.gov.

Bike Map Sneak Preview