Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations
Child Abuse
The investigators assigned to the child abuse cases conduct criminal investigations of child abuse, sexual molestations, child neglect, and child exploitation. They work with the District Attorney’s Office and Victim Witness Assistance to assist victims preparing for court appearances. The investigators act as liaisons with physicians and nurse examiners at hospitals providing forensic examinations, cross report suspected cases of child abuse with the Department of Human Services, present cases and participate in multi-disciplinary team reviews with the Children’s Advocacy Center and work with other state agencies to register, track and monitor sex offenders living in Jackson County.
Crime Analysis
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Analysis provides information and resources to support community policing, problem solving and strategic planning efforts.  They are also responsible for researching new developments and technology advancements to further intelligence led policing efforts. Develops tools and analysis to suppress crime, apprehend criminals and improve safety.

They provide street level support to patrol officers to combat crime trends, provide support to investigators and assist with suspect identification, apprehension and utilize geographic information services to support tactical and strategic efforts targeting criminals and reductions in crime.

Criminal Investigations
The detectives assigned to major crimes investigate crimes involving; homicide, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglary, thefts, frauds, forgeries, computer crimes, and elder/dependant abuse. Detectives utilize information from crime analysts and partnerships with other jurisdictions to identify criminal trends and serial offenders. Detectives provide information, resources and training to patrol officers, obtain and serve search warrants.
Gang Enforcement
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has a detective assigned to the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement team (MADGE). The detective specializes in gang activity and is the only member of MADGE assigned to gangs. The primary duties include proper documentation of gang members in accordance with state and federal laws and to compile information and evidence for the successful prosecution of gang members and gang related crimes. Responds to crime scenes where gang activity is suspected and assist other detectives. The detective provides training on gang issues and concerns to various community groups and organizations in Jackson County, as well as providing training in the area of gangs to all law enforcement within Jackson County.
Latent Print Examiner
The latent print examiner identifies, evaluates and examines latent print evidence using physical, chemical, microscopic, photographic instrumentation, computer data bases, comparative, and classification techniques. The examiner also writes technical reports outlining the scientific analysis of processes utilized and provides expert testimony in court. The examiner is available to respond to crime scenes in order to gather, preserve and move items of evidence to the lab for further analysis. He also provides in-house training to detectives and patrol deputies.
Medical Examiner
The deputy medical examiners conduct investigations of deaths that occur from a variety of reasons for all of Jackson County including the incorporated cities. The majority of the investigations are cases that are due to apparent homicide, suicide or occurring under suspicious or unknown circumstances; while incarcerated in a correctional facility or police custody; accidental or following injury, and those who are not under the care of a physician prior to death. They provide information and assistance to agencies in other jurisdictions regarding homicide and death investigations. They are members of Jackson County’s Major Assault and Death Investigation Unit and they work extensively with victim and family support services.
Narcotic Investigations
Due to the high volume of drugs in the region, and the Interstate 5 corridor where most of the drug trafficking takes place, Jackson County is identified as a federally High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and is able to utilize federal funding and partnerships for narcotic investigations. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has one detective and one criminal analyst assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Medford Office.

The focus is on investigations that disrupt and dismantle middle to upper level drug trafficking organizations (DTO) in the  county and surrounding regions. 

Property Evidence
The primary function of property evidence clerks is to retain evidence for the  prosecution of criminal court cases for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. They are  responsible for the proper intake, control, storage, release, and disposal of all property  confiscated, appropriated, seized or otherwise taken into custody. They are available to  respond to crime scenes as necessary to assist with evidence collection, documentation, and  transport evidence to the Oregon State Police Crime Lab for forensic processing.