Budget Committee

As required under Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 294.336, the Jackson County Budget Committee consists of the three Board of Commissioners (the governing body) and three electors of the County who are appointed by the governing body.

During the annual budget preparation process, the Budget Committee shall hold one or more meetings for the following purposes: a) receiving the budget message and the budget document; and b) providing members of the public with an opportunity to ask questions about and comment upon the budget document. The Budget Committee approves the budget document as submitted by the budget officer or the budget document as revised and prepared by the Budget Committee; the approved budget document is then presented to the Board of Commissioners for adoption pursuant to ORS 294.435. The Budget Committee may also meet from time to time at its discretion.

Meetings: as needed.
Length of Term: 3 years

To apply for a committee, please complete our online committee application or download the PDF and mail your application to us.

Meeting Minutes

Name  Title  Term Begin  Term End 
Rick Dyer  Commissioner     
Dave Dotterrer  Commissioner    
Colleen Roberts Commissioner     
Craig Morris Member 07/01/2021 06/30/2024
April Sevcik Member  07/01/2023 06/30/2026
Matthew Stephenson Member  10/05/2022 06/30/2025