County Wolf Advisory Committee

The County Wolf Advisory Committee was established by Emergency Ordinance No. 2016-2, adopted and effective on February 10, 2016, which added Chapter 293, County Wolf Advisory Committee, to the Codified Ordinances of Jackson County. Permanent Ordinance No. 2016-1 adding Chapter 293 was adopted on February 24, 2016. The purpose of the County Wolf Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) is to provide advice and guidance to the Board of County Commissioners (Board) on issues related to wolves, including the interaction of wolves and livestock operations located in the County.
The Advisory Committee is comprised of seven members who serve a four year term (the initial terms are staggered). The membership includes one Jackson County Commissioner, two members who own or manage livestock, two members who support wolf conservation or coexistence with wolves, and two members who have business interests within Jackson County. A regular meeting of the Committee will be held at least once annually, with additional meetings at the request of the Board or Advisory Committee.
More information can be found regarding wolves in Jackson County on the HHS website.

To apply for a committee, please complete our online committee application or download the PDF and mail your application to us.

Committee  Minutes


Name  Title  Term Begin  Term End 
Ted Birdseye Member 07/01/2023 06/30/2027
Dave Dotterrer Commissioner 01/17/2023  
Glenn Eary Member 07/01/2021 06/30/2025
Derek Kane Member 07/01/2023 06/30/2027
Star Priester Member  07/01/2021 06/30/2025
Maureen McNulty-Hayes Member 11/08/2023 06/30/2026
Randy Wolf Member 07/01/2023 06/30/2027