Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee acts as a primary line of communication between the public and the Jackson County government to provide the Jackson County Board of Commissioners with the broadest range of public thought and response to Jackson County’s recreational needs and services. 

The Parks Advisory Committee advises the Board of Commissioners on:

  1. The present and future overall recreational needs, which are essential to the well-being of Jackson County and its citizens.
  2. The appropriate recreational service role of Jackson County government in relation to recreation service potentials of other local, state and federal agencies and private enterprise.
  3. The short and long range plans, as well as prioritizing of various elements, of the Jackson County Parks Department programs and how they conform with the Jackson County Parks Comprehensive Plan.
  4. The location and acquisition of new parks, including additions or reductions to existing parks.  Review land presently owned by the County or possibly coming into its possession in the future and report to the County Commissioners its possible use and value for recreation, scenic or historic purposes.
  5. The objectives of each new park development project which would significantly change the level of services in the park.
  6. The operation and maintenance policies necessary to assure maximum public benefit for established park areas and facilities.
  7. The means of financing park operational and developmental programs.
  8. The acceptance or rejection of gifts, donations of land, facilities, or funds for park and recreation purposes.       
  9. Any other matter which the Committee feels is important or necessary in achieving a good park program. 

The Parks Advisory Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month from 12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.  Meeting location is the Jackson County Roads Auditorium in White City, unless otherwise scheduled.

To apply for a committee, please complete our online committee application or download the PDF and mail your application to us.

If you would like to contact us, please complete our online form.

Meeting Minutes


Name  Title  Term Begin  Term End 
Steve Gies  Member at Large  07/01/2023 06/30/2026
Christina Kaiserman Member at Large 09/15/2021 06/30/2024
Travis Sprague Eagle Point/Upper Rogue Member 09/15/2021 06/30/2024
Thomas Hilton  Phoenix/Talent Member 07/01/2021 06/30/2024
Deborah Johnson  Jacksonville/Applegate Member 07/01/2022 06/30/2025
Donna Lane  Member at Large 07/01/2023 06/30/2026
Theresa Morris  Central Point Member 07/01/2022 06/30/2025
Richard Thomas  Shady Cove/Trail/Butte Falls Member 07/01/2023 06/30/2026
Dave Wieczorek  Ashland Member 07/01/2021 06/30/2024