It's That Time of Year Again - Potholes Can Pop Up Anywhere It Seems

PotholePotholes in paved roadways are a form of the pavement failing.  They tend to show up primarily in the winter when water and cold temperatures are more prevalent.  They are also a safety hazard we want to know about as soon as possible.

Water contributes to the formulation of pot holes because fast moving traffic on the surface of the road can turn the underlying water into a form of pressure washer - the repeated 'splashing' can sometimes even erode the toughest of pavements.

Cold temperatures do not help either because the freeze/thaw cycle, which can sometimes occur nightly, can cause moisture on/in the road surface to expand and contract.  This powerful process can pop pavement material loose that would otherwise have lasted longer.

While our pavement maintenance techniques are primarily preventative, sometimes an area of roadway begins to fail faster than over the course of a year or two - a pothole is evidence of this rapid failure.

We do have ways to deal with potholes, from temporary patches to more durable fixes.  In the winter/wet weather we primarily do temporary fixes.  When warmer weather comes the following summer, we can return as needed to place a more durable patch.  On gravel roads the fix will come in the form of grading the road surface again to establish proper drainage.

If you see a pothole on a county road which is causing a traffic hazard, we want to know about it!  Please give us a call at 541.774.8184 or use our online Report A Road Problem form.

Thank you in advance for your help in spotting these areas which need our attention.