Where Will We Be Chip Sealing The Summer Of 2024?


Chip Seal Rock ApplicationWe know bicyclists really like to get this information - it definitely helps them plan their route to avoid riding on a rougher surface.  For others, it is just avoiding the work areas to stay away from delays, loose gravel, fresh oil, etc.

So what is chip sealing?  In short, we apply a layer of liquid asphalt (sealer) to the roadway and then cover it with crushed aggregate (chips).  Therefore, we end up with a 'chip seal' which is a much more affordable treatment to extend the life of a roadway in comparison to using new asphalt/pavement.  While we can't afford to repave all roadways, we can afford to chip seal select roads and therefore get a great value for the money spent.

We've provided two listings of our chip seal plans again this year.  The first is simply an alphabetical list of road names and sections around our county which will be sealed.  The second list is back this year - a route list showing how the work will actually progress.   We plan to complete this 'route' list in order from top to bottom, but please note plans can change sometimes due to various factors.

As you can imagine, our advance planning can be hampered at times by weather and other unforeseen events.  We thank you in advance for your patience.  Work will begin in earnest with this work on June 11, 2024.  Please note the dates of this work can change depending on weather and other factors.  For those of you who want to see what we are planning to do on a daily basis, check out our Daily Project Listing - we update this each morning with the most current information on all our crew activities which may impact your travel significantly.  If all goes well, we will be done with this major step in our summer program by early-July and moving on to other things.

Lastly, one of the nice things about chip sealing is the rate at which we move along.  At approx. 300 feet a minute we can be there and gone in short order.  If you have questions about our chip seal program, please contact us.