Addendum No. 1 - Airport Taxiway C Extension and Northwest Taxilanes

RFP & Bids Notice

Addendum No. 1- Airport Taxiway C Extension and Northwest Taxilanes

To All Planholders and/or Prospective Bidders:

The following changes, additions, and/or deletions are hereby made a part of the Contract Documents for the construction of “TAXIWAY C EXTENSION AND NORTHWEST TAXILANES” dated  May 22, 2024, as fully and completely as if the same were fully set forth therein.

  • Sheet No. 1 – 71
    • Replace the entire sheet set with the revised Sheet No. 1 – 71, labeled “Addendum No. 1” .  The link to the addendum is included at the top of this notice. 
All Bidders shall acknowledge receipt and acceptance of this Addendum No. 1 in the Proposal, or by submitting the Addendum with the bid package. Proposals submitted without Addendum acknowledgment or without this Addendum will be considered non-responsive.