Doing Business With Jackson County

A Vendor's Guide to Doing Business With Jackson CountyJackson County does not have a centralized purchasing department. Purchases are made by each county department in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

All purchases must conform to the requirements of the Local Contract Review Board Rules under authority granted by Oregon Revised Statute 279A.065 and Jackson County Ordinance No. 208.17. The Local Contract Review Board (LCRB) Rules establish a procedure to assure that each contract to which the county is a party has met state and county competitive bidding and other purchasing requirements.

The Board of Commissioners is the only agent that can legally commit the County to a contract or agreement. In specific circumstances, as detailed in the LCRB Rules, authority may be delegated to the County Administrator (Public Contracting Officer) or his or her designee. A contract must be used to purchase all types of personal service. Commitment for the purchase of goods or non-personal services can be by contract or a county purchase order. Purchases of less than $500 can be made without a purchase order, as can purchases up to approved limits made by employees using county purchasing cards. All documents should be written to the name “Jackson County” as the contracting agency and not a department, division, or officer of the County.

Purchase Order (PO)
A preprinted county order document given to the vendor to formalize the standard county terms and conditions under which the order is placed. The signed and numbered PO includes: a complete description and quantity of items or services ordered, delivery address, shipping requirements, invoice address, and payment terms of the sale. Delivery of the items or services constitutes acceptance of the Purchase Order and the standard Jackson County terms and conditions.

Invoices are received, entered and approved by the department making the purchases.  Department’s then submit payment vouchers to the Finance Department to be reviewed, approved and paid. Payment vouchers are processed daily and payments are remitted twice weekly.

Payment methods include:
To determine whether an invoice has been approved for payment or has been paid, call the contact at the department who made the purchase. The contact numbers for the major county departments are:

Community Justice 541-774-4941
Expo 541-774-8273
Health and Human Services 541-774-7822
Roads 541-774-6212
Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport 541-776-7222
Sheriff 541-774-6800

If unable to locate the needed telephone number, you may call the Accounting Office at 541-774-6542.

Local Vendor Preference
All qualifying vendors, local and otherwise, compete on an equal basis for county business.

Bidding and Quote Requirements
Public Contracts are based upon Competitive Bidding, except when not required by the Jackson County Local Contract Review Board Rules.

Prequalification Application
For prequalification application information, see the RFP/Bid site.

Advertising for Formal Solicitations
Jackson County advertises formal solicitation notices in the Medford Mail Tribune and on the County’s website. To be alerted by email when Requests For Proposals are posted, sign up here.