Food Service Operation/Operator Resource

restaurant-open-signAll Restaurants and food establishments must be licensed and pass regular health inspections to ensure that the facility meets food safety standards. Requirements for licenses are based on what food or beverages are being served to the public, and what type of facility food is being prepared and served from. Even food that is given away or donated may require a license.

If you are planning on serving prepared food for immediate consumption onsite, it’s likely you will need a license from Jackson County. This includes: restaurants, mobile food units, caterers, coffee stands, tap houses, Bed and Breakfast, and temporary event food service. We do not license domestic home kitchens.

If you are planning a food business that mainly wholesales food, is a retail location like a grocery or convenience store, or sells agricultural commodities you will likely need to contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture at: 503-986-4720.

You must submit a plan review and license application prior to opening a new restaurant, or going through a major remodel. You must also contact us for an ownership change or major menu change.

Plan review and license fee costs can be obtained by calling our office at 541-774-8206.

Annual Licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued and are NOT transferable from one ownership to another.


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