What is WIC?
WIC is a public health nutrition program for women, infants and children. We help families get the healthy and nutritious foods they need during critical times of growth and development. We also provide breastfeeding support and referrals to community partners and services.


Nutritious foods designed to support critical periods of growth and development. 
Nutrition education 
Breastfeeding support
Information and referrals to community service organizations

How WIC helps

Women on the WIC program eat better, have healthier babies and receive earlier prenatal care.
Infants born to WIC mothers weigh more and grow and develop better.
Children on WIC eat foods with more iron and vitamin C, visit their doctors more regularly and receive their vaccinations on time.

How long you can get WIC

Pregnant women can get WIC throughout pregnancy, plus 2 months after delivery.
Breastfeeding women can get WIC for up to 1 year after delivery.
Women who have just given birth but are not breastfeeding can get WIC until 6 months after delivery.
Children are evaluated every 6 months for continued eligibility and can get WIC until 5 years of age.

How WIC Works

WIC Overview from National WIC Association on Vimeo.