Board of Commissioners

Board of CommissionersThe Commissioners serve as the Executive Branch and perform legislative and quasi-judicial functions of the County. Commissioners are responsible for the planning, formation and implementation of the annual budget. In addition, Commissioners serve on other federal, state and local mandated governmental panels, boards and commissions with fiscal duties and authority over public monies. Commissioners also serve the ceremonial functions of the County in representations to the public for the public good and betterment of Jackson County.

For 2024, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners are:  Rick Dyer, Chair; Dave Dotterrer, Vice-Chair; and Colleen Roberts.

For upcoming board meeting information, including agendas as they become available, see the BoC Calendar. To review minutes from prior board meetings, see the  Agendas & Minutes page.

Audio recordings of a Tuesday Work Session or Thursday Staff Meeting can be found on the Agendas & Minutes page.  You can also view recorded video of the proceedings of recent land use meetings and Regular Wednesday Meetings, as well as a live video stream of meetings in progress, as broadcast on RVTV Civic.  See our Video & TV Center for links and information..