Rick Dyer

Rick Dyer was first elected to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners in November 2014 and sworn into office on January 5, 2015.  Commissioner Dyer was re-elected to a second term inRick-Dyer November 2018, and re-elected again in November 2022 with his third term beginning on January 2, 2023.  Commissioner Dyer serves as Chair for 2024.     

For the 2024 calendar year, Commissioner Dyer is the Board liaison to the following County departments and/or committees:  Assessor, Clerk, Community Justice (Local Public Safety Coordinating Council), County Administrator, County Administration (County Audit Committee, Law Library Advisory Committee, and Regional Disposal Site Advisory Committee), Development Services (Jackson County Planning Commission and Marijuana Advisory Committee), District Attorney, Justice Court, Sheriff, and the Taylor Grazing Fund.    

Commissioner Dyer is also the Board liaison to the Medford City Council.  In addition, he serves as a Board liaison to the Association of Oregon Counties/AOC, Bureau of Reclamation (local), Chamber of Medford/Jackson County (Natural Resource Action Team),  National Association of Counties/NACo, National Park Service, Rogue Valley Council of Governments/RVCOG, Senior Centers, Transportation Advocacy Committee/TRADCO, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Commissioner Rick Dyer came to Southern Oregon when he was in junior high and he graduated from Hidden Valley High School in 1982. His family lived in Grants Pass. Rick's family members are no strangers to hard work; Father, Dr. Walt Dyer, is the senior staff member of the Applied Physics Department at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore MD; his mother, Brenda Patton, has owned and run her own accounting firm in Grants Pass for over 35 years; his sister, Cheryl Dyer, has her own financial planning firm in Medford; and his brother, Dr. Tom Dyer, is a semiconductor process integration engineer at IBM and was selected as the Master Inventor of 2012.

Rick has made his own mark as well. At Hidden Valley High School, Rick played baseball and basketball, was elected the Senior Class President and was a member of the National Honor Society. At Southern Oregon University, he received a BS in Business Administration/Accounting in 1987. From there, Rick received his Juris Doctorate degree from Concord Law School. In 2011, Rick passed the Bar Exam on his first attempt in July of 2011.

Today Rick combines his love for sports and concerns for our area kids by coaching football, basketball, and baseball as well as volunteering in the classroom. He loves helping and feels that this will keep kids busy, learn valuable life lessons and keep them out of trouble.

Rick has also been elected twice to the RVTD Board of Directors. Rick’s time on the Board prepared him well for Jackson County Commissioner. As a RVTD Board Member he has had the opportunity to bring labor and management together while bargaining with the unions. Rick has worked with fellow Board Members to shape and create a budget in tough economic times. His leadership has helped the RVTD organization to run more like a business; he has always been a good steward of taxpayer money.

Rick looks at things critically; researches issues completely and presents ideas and concepts to groups and individuals for discussion. He strives to create a non-confrontational, thoughtful and thorough process for dealing with the issues of the day.

Rick has excelled wherever he has worked. After rising to senior management in the automotive industry, in 2008 he started a general contracting company. This allowed the flexibility to go to law school and continue to support his family. Not the best time to do anything in the construction business, yet he still found great success, He loved sitting down with people in their homes, finding energy savings, and what works best for them. This business will continue to serve Southern Oregon residents with new managers running the day-to-day operations while Rick turns his full attention to the Job of Jackson County Commissioner.