Upper Rogue Regional Park Boat Ramp Replacement Project



In the Fall of 2022, Jackson County Parks, in cooperation with the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB), held an open house to solicit community input on three draft conceptual designs for the renovation of boating facilities at the Upper Rogue Regional Park in Shady Cove.  The existing facility frequently has conflicts between existing uses during busy summer months, is in need of repair, and during low water conditions does not function to meet boater needs.  The goal of the 2022 meeting was to solicit feedback from park users to determine what they liked and did not like in the conceptual designs.  This approach is used widely, as it allows users to visually look at conceptual designs with park staff and OSMB engineers, while sharing their thoughts on how a variety of concepts will, or will not affect a site and its uses.  It also allows facility designers and managers an insight into what can be done differently to meet boater needs. 

Feedback received at the meeting, as well as through an online public comment period, provided critical input and assisted Jackson County and the OSMB to develop three revised alternative designs, which are referred to as “Round 2 concepts.”  The revised Upper Rogue Regional Park concepts can be viewed and downloaded on the Jackson County Parks website.  Comments were considered from a wide variety of park users and were incorporated by designers into the Round 2 concepts to ensure that a facility is designed that improves boater access, reduces seasonal conflict at the site, and accommodates design restrictions and regulatory requirements, all while minimizing impacts to the existing park facility.

Jackson County Parks is asking for park users to provide feedback on the Round 2 drawings.   Feedback can be provided in the following two ways.  Those who wish to download the drawings at the link listed above, review and provide written comments on their own schedule can email comments to Parksinfo@jacksoncountyor.govComments should be received no later than November 30, 2023.   Alternatively, users are invited to share their thoughts and opinions in person with OSMB and Jackson County Park staff on Monday, November 13 from 5:30 – 7:00 PM at the Jackson County Parks Auditorium located at 7520 Table Rock Road, Central Point, OR.  At the Open House, users will be able to talk with designers and park managers to provide additional input on the most recent designs, in an effort to help shape final design of facility improvements.  It is important to note that this meeting will be focused on working towards developing a quality boating facility at the Upper Rogue Regional Park, not general use of the river.