Tub Springs Water Issues

The water system at Tub Spring was turned off at the direction of public health in December due to high turbidity levels, basically this means the water was cloudy and had high levels of sediment in it, which can lead to contamination. Health officials believe that this was due to the very heavy rain event just before the New Year.  Park staff revisited the site in January and the spring remained very cloudy, again indicating a very high turbidity level. The Oregon Health Authority has since determined that the high turbidity levels indicate that the spring is not fed from groundwater, but rather surface water. Surface water must be treated and disinfected to ensure it is safe for human consumption. The Health Authority is currently working with Oregon State Parks, owner of the property, to determine the next steps. We are currently unsure when, or if the water will be turned back on for the public.

Prior to being shut off, the water was tested quarterly for coliform bacteria at the tubs and annually at the spring for nitrate levels and bacteria.