Jackson County Thanks the Public and the Shelter/Rescue Community for their Assistance

Animal Services

Situation: On April 3, 2024
The Jackson County Animal Shelter in Talent, Oregon sent out a press release indicating that it was over capacity and in urgent need of assistance.

Update to Situation:  April 8, 2024
The Jackson County Animal Shelter staff and administration would like to thank all those that assisted in responding to our request for assistance.  Due to the hard work and efforts of our shelter staff, volunteers, our citizens and our community partners, we were able to adopt and transfer dogs out of the shelter, reduce the census to a manageable number and move these animals towards what we hope to be their forever homes.  

“We cannot thank you enough for your partnership and coming to our aid.” 
- Stacy Brubaker, Jackson County Health and Human Services Department Director

One of our key partners in these efforts was the Oregon Humane Society:

“True to our name, Oregon Humane Society is committed to animal welfare throughout our state,” says Sharon Harmon, OHS President and CEO. “We are grateful for the opportunity to use our new Behavior and Rescue Center and Salem Campus to help these dogs, our animal welfare colleagues, and the communities they serve.”
- Sharon Harmon, OHS President and CEO

In an effort to prevent a situation like this happening again we continue to encourage the following:

What the public can do it assist:

  • Please adopt our dogs if you have the resources to do so (basic health care, time for exercise and socialization, ability to contain and train)
  • We ask that all pet owners please keep identification on your animals, so they can be returned to you if they are lost
  • If you have outdoor pets, please inspect your fencing and other forms of containment to ensure they are secure

What can law enforcement do to assist:

  • Please contact the shelter prior to delivering any animals to the shelter (541)774-6654
  • If officers have any information about the dog/owner shelter staff may be able to assist in getting information to find the owner prior to bringing to the shelter
  • This not only assists with space limitations, but also limits potential disease exposure

Adoption Fees will continue to be waived until April 14, 2024.  For updated information around dogs available for adoption please visit our website at:  www.jacksoncountyor.gov/pets   phone calls for adoption requests should go to (541)774-6654