Addendum No. 1 - Request for Proposal (RFP) for Temporary Staffing services

RFP & Bids Notice

The following information is hereby made a part of the Jackson County Request for Proposal for Temporary Staffing Services dated March 20, 2024 (the “RFP”). The original RFP documents remain in full force and effect, except as modified by this addendum, which is hereby made part of the RFP. Respondent shall take this addendum into consideration when preparing and submitting its proposal.

Extension of RFP Close Deadline: 
The RFP Close Deadline is hereby extended until May 1, 2024

Questions and Answers: 

1. Is this a new initiative? If not, please provide the names of the current vendor(s) providing the services.
No, this is not a new initiative. Current vendors are Barrett Business Services Inc.; Confident Staffing, Inc.; Express Employment Professionals; Lansesoft, Inc.; Personnel Source, Inc.; and Sunbelt.

2. Can you please let us know the previous spending of this contract?
For the period June 1, 2019 through March 7, 2024, total payments made by County to temporary staffing agencies were $2.4 million. 

3. Please confirm if we can get the proposals or pricing of the incumbent(s).
This information may be obtained via Public Records Request.

4. Are there any pain points or issues with the current vendor(s)?

5. Please confirm the anticipated number of awards. What would be the number of awards you intend to give (approximate number)?
County reserves the right to award multiple contracts if County deems necessary.

6. Please provide us with an estimated NTE budget allocated for this contract.
$1,600,000 Estimated Annual Expense

7. Is this an old contract or new contact?
This is a new contract 

8. What is the work location of the proposed candidates?
Jackson County located in and around Medford, Oregon

9. Are there any pain points or issues with the current vendor(s)?

10. Is there any mandatory subcontracting requirement for this contract? If yes, Is there any specific goal for the subcontracting?
Subcontracts require County’s advance written consent. 

11. How many positions were used in the previous contract?
Unknown. Varies depending on County needs.

12. How many positions will be required per year or throughout the contract term?
The number of employees per year would vary depending on individual department needs.

13. If the proposed candidates are not available at the time of award, will the agency allow us to provide replacement personnel with similar or more skill sets?
If desired personnel are unavailable at time of placement, County may consider alternate personnel or personnel from another staffing agency. 

14. Can we provide hourly rate ranges for the given positions?

15. Is it entirely onsite work or can it be done remotely to some extent / Does the services need to be delivered onsite or is there a possibility for remote operations and performance?
Positions would be onsite.

16. Are resumes required at the time of proposal submission? If yes, do we need to submit the actual resumes for proposed candidates or can we submit the sample resumes?
Resumes are not required at the time of proposal submission.

17. Could you please provide the list of holidays? 
New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

18. Are there any mandated Paid Time Off, Vacation, etc.?
Must comply with Paid Leave Oregon and any other paid leave requirements mandated by law. 

19. Is there a page limit to the RFP documents?

20. Will RFP Questions be answered by 4/15 (5 days total from due date) or 4/17 (5 business days total from due date)?
Questions are answered pursuant to this addendum. 

21. Is there a cost associated with submitting an RFP for consideration?
No cost payable County, but responses are prepared at proposer’s sole expense. 

22. Can RFPs be submitted in person, or is postal mail the only accepted version for submittal?
RFPs may be hand-delivered in person. 

23. We have a question about the Pollution Coverage listed as a requirement on Exhibit C.
Pollution liability coverage is not required. 

24. How do we provide this information in our bid response relating to the requirement specified on pages 2 & 3 of the RFP for Temporary Staffing Services?
Information may be provided as proposer deems appropriate.

25. Can you provide Jackson County’s pay schedule (pay periods)? 
Jackson County is on a bi-weekly pay schedule.

26. We are looking for clarification on Exhibit D – Proposers Offer Form, 5 B. “Provide all the necessary equipment, materials, tools, apparatus and labor to perform the work in accordance with the Proper’s Proposal.” Can you provide specific examples of the type of equipment/materials this is referring to as it relates to temporary staffing? Office equipment? Computers? Have other staffing vendors provided equipment to temporary employees in the past, or is this typically provided by Jackson County? 
Proposers are not expected to provide equipment, materials, tools, or apparatus for individual personnel being placed with County. 

27. Is Automotive Liability Insurance required for all Job Categories? 
All proposers must provide proof of commercial Automotive Liability Insurance

28. Is it mandatory to have branch office in Jackson County?
Having a local office is not mandatory, but non-local vendors should address in their proposal how they will adequately meet the County’s needs despite not having a local office